Saturday, April 5, 2008

*Spring Break*

It was a great spring break!!
[Went by WAAAYY too fast though!]
Last week i think i was in Medford every day except Saturday haha.
Did a little shopping, ALOT of bowling haha,

Went skiing for the third time :], went to see the movies; Leather Heads and Never back down. Both good movies! And did a TON of Dancing!! Brett taught me allot of tango this week, so that was fuuun. Getting a little better every week :]]
Also Jessica and her kids came over last week...i always love seeing my neices and nephews!
The sun was DEFINETELY nice to have for a little while. (Got to do a little bit of tanning :P)

And walking!!! =)
And considering running away haha.
Oh parents, me, and my little brother went up in the mountains in the trecker and our fourwheelers!! We actually got STUCK in the snow up there. lol. We must of gone at least 20 miles that day.
This is all the kids at home now, getting ready to ride :)Today we also SOLD our Mustang!! I'm gonna miss it!! haha.


Anonymous said...


Meg said...

Sounds like fun! I used to love bowling...I still enjoy it but don't seem to have the time for it these days. :-)

JoAnn said...

Yeaaa..i love bowling too!
I got two trikes and a spare in a row it was pretty amazing! haha.
I think Friday night we bowled at LEAST 6 games haha.

Jessica said...

Is that Juli? She looks different???

Cute pictures!

Can't believe mom and dad sold the Mustang!