Saturday, March 8, 2008

*SwEeT 16*

Mary and I are FINALLY 16!!
(And yep, i turned it three minutes before she did..muahaha!)
But yea it was a fun day...
First we went iceskating (i got to do it with all my little nephews and neices :)
Then after that shopping with Juli, and that was fun of course!
Went and over to Lilians house where Juli lives and watched Across the Universe..I highly recomend that movie :)
And then lastly went dancing!!!
And my freind Brett taugt me some really cool salsa moves woo hoo :P


Regina said...

happy birthday for yesterday! thanks again for teaching the girls some moves on ice. they love you guys.

Juliana said...

I haven't been around the computer lately. But happy belated 16th birthday!!! I love the movie across the universe, it is so good. Only 11 more days until we come up which will be so much fun!!

Meg said...


JoAnn said...

Thanks everybody!!
(Yea i had fun with your girls Regina..theyre both sweeties :]
Tell them thanks again for the gifts!)
And yea cant wait to see ya Juli!

Jessica said...

All the kids loved skating with you guys! I had fun too... Although, I am STILL sore! :) Happy Birthday again!

JoAnn said...

haha...i gad fun skating with them too Jess. Theyre all getting goooood! haha. Cept Clare she has a while lol.
Thanks for coming dancing :]
And yeaauuh i was sore! :P