Saturday, February 23, 2008 freind John showed me this and i thought it was funny...

The Evil Eye Kid

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hey everyone! Sorry its been SO long since i last updated this thing..been kinda busy with homework, plus our laptop charger hasnt been working :S

(<<--Me Tori and Chelsea)

ANYWAYS! Good news! I got my permit last Friday (2nd try) and only skipped two problems and missed one :)

(i dont like my picture though...*cough* *cough*..)

So far i have driven twice..yesterday i got to drive to my sis's house so that was cool.

I love driving...its kinda funny how whenever i'm driving my mom is always, "slow down!" but when its my twin, "gosh speed up!" hehe.

Besides getting my permit, last weekend was prettty crazy...that night i went ballroom dancing, then stayed at lindsays house and watched a movie.

Saturday was really fun too...cept i got the worst paintball welt of my life..and yea you guessed it, it was from Scotty lol.

Juli, Scott, and I went paintballing at a friends house with like 25 other ppl and did a bunch of paintball games, so that was crazzy :D

Jewelz and Skittles

Me nd Tori watchin everyone play :]

Getting ready to paintball!


*Me and Jewelz*

Sunday, February 10, 2008

It was a good weekend....

Thursday, Scott, Mary, and I came home from school then headed over for my nephews 6th Birthday!!! I cant keep up with all of them, they're all just growing too fast!
So that was fun...(I cant beleive i had three peices of pizza and two peices of cake...Jessica...haha) I always LOVE playing with this little buddy....

So does Grandpa :)

So awake...

Then so sleepy

The next day, Friday which means no school! Woo hoo! I mainly just studied for my permit test which i ended up FAILING! (only a couple points away) :[[ But i think the world already knows that from my twin sister! Since when i went to Soup and Stations the word got out, and Mr. Jones, Mrs Sues, and Mr. Wheeler were quizing me about it..haha. But yea...I cant beleive i did that, i'm gonna go sometime this week and try again. After Stations of the cross Mary and I went to a dance building in Medford, and that was REALLY fun. I learned a bunch of really fun dance moves from my friends Brett, Derek, and Simona.
On the way to the movies...a little bluurry
Saturday (yesterday) I woke up early and for most of the day just did homework: 2 math lessons, latin, english, religion, and spanish homework...(phew)
After hours and hours of Mary and I went to see The Eye at the movie theatre with a bunch of freinds. It was pretty good, just kinda strange.
So i got to bed around 1 last night. And slept in until 9:30 this morning. Well, I better at 12 today then who knows wat after that...just taking life one step at a time ;]

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

MI (The Militia of the Immaculata)Camp! The best Summer {Catholic} Camp in the world!! One of my main highlights of last summer!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

~*Christmas 07*~

I love *SnOw*!!

The girls
We love our big bro :]

Twins and Scotty...aka *driver*


Sunday, February 3, 2008


Part of the family (-3)

Me and my TwIn! I'm three minutes! Woo hoo!

Older picture of me and my sis

Me and my older "famous" sister :]

This is me, my older sister, and our AdOrAbLe neices!!
3 of my older brothers