Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hey everyone! Sorry its been SO long since i last updated this thing..been kinda busy with homework, plus our laptop charger hasnt been working :S

(<<--Me Tori and Chelsea)

ANYWAYS! Good news! I got my permit last Friday (2nd try) and only skipped two problems and missed one :)

(i dont like my picture though...*cough* *cough*..)

So far i have driven twice..yesterday i got to drive to my sis's house so that was cool.

I love driving...its kinda funny how whenever i'm driving my mom is always, "slow down!" but when its my twin, "gosh speed up!" hehe.

Besides getting my permit, last weekend was prettty crazy...that night i went ballroom dancing, then stayed at lindsays house and watched a movie.

Saturday was really fun too...cept i got the worst paintball welt of my life..and yea you guessed it, it was from Scotty lol.

Juli, Scott, and I went paintballing at a friends house with like 25 other ppl and did a bunch of paintball games, so that was crazzy :D

Jewelz and Skittles

Me nd Tori watchin everyone play :]

Getting ready to paintball!


*Me and Jewelz*


Juliana said...

sounds like fun! It doesn't suprise me that your worst welt is from scott. I've never paintballed before but it sounds like it can be painful.

JoAnn said...

haha yea it is! But it is so much fun too!
My freind tori and i got ambushed so, yea it was pretty scary hehe.
And out of all the ppl there my welt was the worst lol.

Jessica said...

Wahoo!! You updated!!! Congratulations on getting your permit!! Not long and you will have your license!! Exciting stuff! Love the pictures. Julianna sure thinks she is cool doesn't she ;) And that was so sweet or Scott to give you a welt!! That stinker... Looks like you had fun though! Especially love that last picture of you and Julianna... too cute!

Meg said...

Good job on your permit cous!

Mary said...

YAY now everytime we get in the car with mom...Im last to drive~ because I'm youngest right haha. I love watchign Joann drive..we both are naturals! hah. love you joann! Hope your welt gets better so I wont have to ever see it again! lol.