Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summer (Finally!)

Soo we got out of school Thursday!!! After EIGHT finals that week and an essay lol.
I can;t tell you how great it felt though, i literally wanted to scream after finishing up my last (biology) final C=
I definetely had some great teachers this year, and will miss them!!

Heres a couple pictures we took Thursday after school and at pizza :)

YAY for PIZZA! lol


After we got home Thursday (last day of school!)
We packed up and headed to family camp....
There were sooo many little kids everywhere, i was constantly holding babies lol.
They where all sooo cute! (oh yeah, i missed my neices and nephews though while they where gone, glad you guys are back now!!)

This is pretty much one of thee cutest little girls ive ever seen! Shes such a sweetie! I'm gonna miss you! haha

And this girl came right to me one day, and would not let me put her down haha.. (Same mom for both these girls :)

We also got some tanning in...(me, Jane, and Kristen :) lol


Analise! lol...I loved both (*ALL*) these little girls

There where a bunch of little kittens they found too!


Meg said... grew up JoAnn!!! What happened? ☺

Summer is pretty great and yet I still can't wait for the favorite season of them all.

Jessica said...

Cute pictures JoAnn. I wish we could have made it to Family Camp. :)